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90% of students who use Quizlet report receiving higher marks.


Introducing the Quizlet GCSE Resource Centre

Discover 10,000 ready-made study sets covering 24 GCSE subjects, aligned to exam board specifications and created by Verified Educators and partners. 

Personalised instruction made easy

Students can choose which of Quizlet's seven different study modes works best with their style of learning. Quizlet tracks their progress and provides instant feedback about where to focus.

Keep students interested both in and out of the classroom

Learning is more fun with interactive study modes and games. Turn your materials into an exciting game that gets the whole class participating.

Save time creating lesson materials

Search over 500 million study sets created by other students and teachers to find relevant content for your class. If you can’t find one, Quizlet makes set creation quick and easy thanks to predictive text and image-matching features.

I have enrolled all my classes in Quizlet and we use it every day to learn Chinese. It's effective and fun. All my students love it! I can't survive without Quizlet now!

- Katherine Yang, Kristin School, age 50

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Upgrade to Quizlet Teacher to use features like Class Progress. You'll have a detailed view of the students who have begun or completed their study sessions, as well as those who might need a little more encouragement.

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