Who is Quizlet?

Quizlet is the world’s largest learning platform and community.

Quizlet offers AI-driven learning to help students stay motivated and engaged throughout their study journey.


To make every student unstoppable by helping them
practice and master whatever they are learning.

Who does Quizlet serve?

Quizlet has more than 80 million visitors, 90% of whom are Gen Z and Millennials.

They are diverse knowledge seekers both in areas of study and their personal backgrounds. They actively seek academic and personal improvements.

Our audience

High school students

⅔ of all high schoolers in the US use Quizlet

College students

½ of all college students in the US use Quizlet


Over 2 million teachers in the US use Quizlet

How do we describe the Quizlet community?

Driven, motivated, passionate, collaborative and resourceful. At Quizlet, we believe that anyone can learn anything. All it takes is a tenacious spirit, the right guidance, and the tools to see it through.

How do Quizletters access the platform?

50% of users visit Quizlet on desktop
25% on mobile
25% on the iOS/Android app

Quizlet is the most popular online learning tool in the US

Quizlet is among the most visited websites in the US

Why do people love us?

Quizlet gives every student the tools and confidence to succeed, no matter their motivation, or what they’re striving to achieve.

Advertising with Quizlet

Why advertise with us?

Expand your reach to the largest learning platform in the US. It's the 2nd most beloved brand among 13 to 39-year-olds, according to youth data research firm YPulse.

What makes us unique?

Our community is uniquely driven, passionate, collaborative, and resourceful. Drive awareness and consideration by showcasing your offer while learners are mastering their subjects.

What can you gain?

Grow your business with Quizlet. Reach your target audience and position yourself as a solution and companion to help students and teachers succeed in the brand-safe environment they love.

Ad opportunities

• Display Ads
• Native In-Line
• Native In-Line with Video
• Outstream Video
• Flashcard Ads (One and Two-Sided)
• Study Break Ad
• Vertical Video for Mobile

Ad examples

Display Ads

(300x250, 300x600, 320x50)

Native In-Line

(Desktop and Mobile)

Native In-Line with Video

(Desktop and Mobile)

Outstream Video

(Desktop and Mobile)

Flashcard Ads

(One and Two Sided)

Study Break Ad

(Desktop and Mobile)

Vertical Video for Mobile

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