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In December 2014
by erictucker

Uglies and Gilgamesh Vocabulary 36 terms

In October 2014
by erictucker

Uglies Vocabulary 25 terms

In January 2014
by erictucker

Copper Sun - Vocabulary 25 terms

In May 2013
by erictucker

The Crucible Vocab 22 terms

In February 2013
by erictucker

To Kill a Mockingbird Vocab 20 terms

In December 2012
by erictucker

Wolf by the Ears vocab 25 terms

In October 2012
by erictucker

April Morning Vocab 21 terms

In August 2008
by erictucker

Uglies, Gilgamesh, Pharaoh's Daughter Vocabulary 49 terms

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