FCE word formation 1

The NOUN form of MEET
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A NOUN form of directDirectionThe NOUN form of frequentFrequencyThe ADJECTIVE form of impressImpressiveThe NOUN form of flyFlightThe verb form of connectionconnectThe NOUN form of increaseincreaseThe verb form of improvementImproveThe adjective form of noiseNoisyThe negative form of fortunateUnfortunateThe ADJECTIVE form of extremelyExtremeThe NOUN form of achieveAchievementThe ADJECTIVE form of traditionTraditionalThe NOUN form of appearAppearanceThe NOUN form of succeedSuccessThe negative form of originalUnoriginalThe VERB form of communicationCommunicateThe ADJECTIVE form of attractAttractiveThe NOUN form of tourTouristThe ADVERB form of shortShortlyAnother ADJECTIVE form of ordinaryExtraordinaryThe ADJECTIVE form of freezeFrozenThe NOUN form of assistAssistantThe NOUN form of lonelyLonelinessThe opposite of hopefulHopelessThe ADJECTIVE form of friendFriendlyThe NOUN form of hotHeat