Ignacio vocab and grammar (Unit 5)

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She is ABLE TO / CAN come to the party.
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Must (obligation)I must do blood analyses each year.May (permission)Yes, you may go to the toilet.needn't (no obligation)You needn't walk the dog this evening.Ought to (advice)You ought to study before your final exam.Can't (deduction)She is laughing. She can't be watching a horror film.Can't (deduction)The students are shouting and laughing. They can't be taking an exam at the moment.Had better (warning)Be careful! You'd better watch out for bears.AccessoriesSmall things that you wear (earrings, belts, pins..etc.)Beauty salona place where your hair, face and body can be given special treatments to improve their appearanceCatwalkthe stage that models walk along to show off the latest fashionsCosmeticsMaquillajeDesignDiseñarDesignerA person who designs something.Label (for clothing)The "marca" for clothes (Mango, Zara...etc.). Or the "etiqueta" that describes what the clothing is made of.ModelA person who wears and shows clothesManicurea treatment for the hands and nails (uñas)Make-upMaquillajeTattooTatuajeTrenda general direction in which something is developing or changingApologizePedir perdónBeautifyTo make more beautifulFantasizeTo imagine something that is not realFlattenTo make more flat (plano, llano)JustifyJustificarLengthenTo make longerShortenTo make shorterSpecializefocus on one particular product, activity, or jobWeakenTo make weaker (mas débil)Average-sizedmedium-sizedBadly dressedwearing clothes that are not attractive or are of poor qualityClean-shavenwithout a beard or moustacheCurly-hairedCon pelo rizadoDark-haireddark hair is brown or blackFair-hairedRubioFair-skinnedwhite or pale skin