MODULE 5: PART 3, UNIT 5 PART 2, Unit 5 part 1

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pollutepreserverecyclereducereusethrow outturn offturn onuse upwastesellvolunteerair conditioneralarm clockbrushchargerdigital cameradryerhairdryerheaterhouseplantkettlekeylightmicrowavemirrorpillowshampoosoaptoothbrushagreeto have the same opinionborrowTo receive for temporary usebringto bringcollectto gatherdisagreeto not agreedonateTo give to those in need, often through an organizationfinishfinishedfixto fixhearkeepto keeplend1. to give something to someone or allow them to use something that belongs to you, which they have to return to you later 2. (formal) to give a particular quality to a person or a situationpromiseA person's assurance that he or she will or will not do something.purchaseto buy somethingreplaceA command that enables users to replace one word or phrase with another.returnthe money an investor receives above and beyond the sum of money initially investedsellsoldvolunteerA person who offers to do something without pay

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