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Which do you think is better, having a lot of friends or a small group of close friends?.What are the advantages of having friends who are very different from you?.Do you think friendships formed online can be considered true friendships?.What might the significance of these pieces of paper have?.Do you agree that some people are just happy all the time?.Do you think that happy people have more success in life than others?.Do you think it is true that people who can make other people laugh are not always happy themselves?.What you think is required to achieve long-term happiness?.How far do you think that people's moods are influenced by the media nowadays..Do you think working from home will be more common in the future?.Do you think that a person's choice of workplace is influenced by their personality?.Do you think it is a good idea to work with members of your family?.Some people think that it better to have several different careers, rather than just one. What do you think?.Some people prefer to do an undemanding job. Why do you think that is?.How far do you think the government should try to influence people's choice of career?.Do you think that moving house can be a stressful experience?.Why do you think some people like the idea of living in another country?.Why do you think some people spend their entire lives living in the same place?.Should people be encouraged to take more responsibility for the area where they live?.Do you think that having access to the internet means it doesn't matter where you live nowadays?.Some people feel that they have a special attachment to the place where they were born. Why do you think this is?.

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