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sit up (NOUN)
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REORDER: a / once / opportunity / in / lifetime / a.IDIOM: to have something in your back pocket.COLLOCATION: to __ __ __ __ __ guilty (or innocent).Someone who hikes or travels with a "mochila" is:.IDIOM: to be up for (something).VOCAB: committed.VOCAB: to spike (VERB).SENTENCE: swap (NOUN & VERB).VOCAB: confront.VOCAB: cobblestone.What is a "walkable" city?.VOCAB: official (NOUN).VOCAB: proprietor.VOCAB: tenacious.VOCAB: a scam.SENTENCE: Conditional with /if...would/.SENTENCE: It would be great if....SENTENCE: I hope that....VOCAB: oblivious.SENTENCE: a bumpy ride.COLLOCATION: crazy __ __ __ __ __ (to really like something/someone).IDIOM: How do we use "Come on!" in everyday English?.SENTENCE: ...happens to be....VOCAB: chronicle (NOUN & VERB).VOCAB: minuscule.VOCAB: What is another word for "floor" or "level" (in a house, for example).COLLOCATION: to __ __ __ __ / __ __ an agreement.VOCAB: stranded.IDIOM: " I was going..." (when someone is speaking).FALSE FRIEND: altered.What is the difference between "shade" and "shadow"?.COLLOCATION: susceptible __ __.IDIOM: Not that I know of....VOCAB: to be willing / willingness.COLLOCATION: to __ __ __ into an obstacle.IDIOM: the stars aligned.VOCAB: What is another way to say "the smallest part of" or "a small part of"? (Clue: mi___________).SENTENCE: range from... to ....VOCAB: figure (NOUN & VERB).VOCAB: conspiracy theory.SENTENCE: It is believed (that).... (PASSIVE).IDIOM: at length.SENTENCE: along the way.VOCAB: economic vs. economical.IDIOM: to have a blast.VOCAB: the general word for machines in your house (example, washer, refrigerator...etc.).COLLOCATION: to __ __ __ __ a spell.VOCAB: curse (NOUN & VERB).VOCAB: What do you sweep with?.SENTENCE: regularly (ADVERB).