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A -395 kg/s of water is to be cooled from 90C90^{\circ} \mathrm{C} to 70C70^{\circ} \mathrm{C} in a shell and tube heat exchanger having four shell passes and eight tube passes. The cooling fluid is also water with a flow rate of 5 kg/s5 \mathrm{~kg} / \mathrm{s} that enters at a temperature of 50C50^{\circ} \mathrm{C}. The overall heat-transfer coefficient is 800 W/m2,C800 \mathrm{~W} / \mathrm{m}^2,{ }^{\circ} \mathrm{C}. Determine the total area of the heat exchanger assuming all four shells are the same size.


Answered 1 year ago
Answered 1 year ago
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Data given:

  • Water mass flow rate: m˙w=5 kgs\dot{m}_w=5~\frac{\text{kg}}{\text{s}};
  • Water inlet temperature: Tw.i=90 °CT_{\text{w.i}}=90\text{ \degree C};
  • Water outlet temperature: Tw.o=70 °CT_{\text{w.o}}=70\text{ \degree C};
  • 44 shell passes and 88 tube passes
  • Cooling water mass flow rate m˙=5 kgs\dot{m}=5~\frac{\text{kg}}{\text{s}};
  • Cooling water inlet temperature: To,i=50 °CT_{\text{o,i}}=50\text{ \degree C};
  • Overall heat transfer coefficient: U=800 Wm2 °CU=800~\frac{\text{W}}{\text{m}^2\text{ \degree C}};


  • Calculate the heat transfer area if all four shells are the same size.

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