A car is moving forward slowly and speeding up. A student claims "the car exerts a force on itself" or "the car's engine exerts a force on the car." Argue that this idea cannot be accurate and that friction exerted by the road is the propulsive force on the car. Make your evidence and reasoning as persuasive as possible. Is it static or kinetic friction? Suggestions: Consider a road covered with light gravel. Consider a sharp print of the tire tread on an asphalt road, obtained by coating the tread with dust


Answered 2 years ago
Answered 2 years ago
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The statements cannot be accurate as they violate Newton's Law, which clearly implies that an external force is needed to accelerate a body in uniform motion. Also, if we assume them to be true then by Newton's Third Law of motion the car will exert an equal and opposite force on itself or on engine which will result in no net acceleration of car which violates the question

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