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Based on the following table, which shows crashworthiness ratings for several categories of motor vehicles. In all of these exercises, take X as the crash-test rating of a small car, Y as the crash-test rating for a small SUV, and so on, as shown in the table.

Overall Frontal Crash Test RatingNumber Tested3 (Good)2 (Acceptable)1 (Marginal)0 (Poor)Small Cars X1611122Small SUVs Y101441Medium SUVs Z153534Passenger Vans U133037Midsize Cars V153507Large Cars W199532\begin{matrix} & \text{} & \text{} & \text{Overall Frontal Crash Test Rating}\\ & \text{Number Tested} & \text{3 (Good)} & \text{2 (Acceptable)} & \text{1 (Marginal)} & \text{0 (Poor)}\\ \text{Small Cars X} & \text{16} & \text{1} & \text{11} & \text{2} & \text{2}\\ \text{Small SUVs Y} & \text{10} & \text{1} & \text{4} & \text{4} & \text{1}\\ \text{Medium SUVs Z} & \text{15} & \text{3} & \text{5} & \text{3} & \text{4}\\ \text{Passenger Vans U} & \text{13} & \text{3} & \text{0} & \text{3} & \text{7}\\ \text{Midsize Cars V} & \text{15} & \text{3} & \text{5} & \text{0} & \text{7}\\ \text{Large Cars W} & \text{19} & \text{9} & \text{5} & \text{3} & \text{2}\\ \end{matrix}

You choose, at random, a small car and a midsize car. What is the probability that both will be rated at most 1?


A company that manufactures compact discs has fixed monthly overhead costs of $60,000\$ 60,000. Each disc costs $0.18\$ 0.18 to produce and sells for $0.30\$ 0.30.

b. Write the revenue function, RR, from the sale of xx discs per month.


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Answered 1 year ago
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The goal of this task is to determine revenue function R(x)R(x).

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