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A department of an accounting firm has five offices. The average costs of each office are: salaries, $2,150\$ 2,150 a month; benefits, 28%28\% of wages; space, 120120 square feet @$31.50@ \$ 31.50 per square foot per year; supplies, $325\$ 325 per year; other costs, $1,830\$ 1,830 per year. What is the total yearly cost of the five offices?


Answered 1 year ago
Answered 1 year ago
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Get the total annual cost of the five offices for salaries, that is,

total salary cost=$2,150×5×12=$129,000\begin{aligned} \text{total salary cost}&=\$2,150\times5\times12\\ &=\$129,000 \end{aligned}

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