A piano tuner replaced two strings and four felts in a piano and then tuned it. He charged $10.35 each for the strings and$3.45 each for the felts. He also charged $75 to tune the piano. A state tax rate of 5.5 % was applied to everything but the tuning. What was the sales tax? What was the total bill?


Answered 12 months ago
Answered 12 months ago
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In this exercise, we need to determine the sales tax and the total cost of replacing 2 strings and 4 felts on a piano. The piano tuner charged $10.35\$10.35 per string and $3.45%\$3.45\% per felt, while also $75\$75 for the tuning. The sales tax rate of 5.5%5.5\% is impemented on all items exerpct for the tuning.

What mathematical operation is needed to calculate sales tax?

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