(a) Recall: What connections does Rodriguez draw between Addison's London and modern-day Tijuana?
(b) Recall: As a journalist, in what way must Rodriguez present the border town of Tijuana?
(c) Speculate: Because of th e parallels Rodriguez notes between him self and Tijuana, do you think he can be objective in his presentation of the city? Why or why not?


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Answered 1 year ago
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a.) According to Richard Rodriguez, he associates his feelings for Tijuana with Joseph Addison's feelings for London back in the day. In terms of look, Tijuana and London were nearly identical, with London being slightly more so. The availability of transportation such as taxis, as well as attractive residences and factories. Gypsies, as they are known in England, are nomadic people. Aside from its look, it boasts a wide range of mindsets, making it a city of contrasts.

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