A television broadcasting company asked a sample of its customers. "What type of program do you watch most frequently?" The two-way frequency table shows the results of the survey. If the company wants to decrease the number of programs offered, which type of program should it choose to cut? Explain.

Type of ProgramGender Comedy  Drama  Sports  News  Total  Women 12321589306733 Men 127110217222676 Total 2503253065281,409\text{Type of Program}\\ \begin{array}{|c|c|c|c|c|c|} \hline \text{Gender} & \text { Comedy } & \text { Drama } & \text { Sports } & \text { News } & \text { Total } \\ \hline \text { Women } & 123 & 215 & 89 & 306 & 733 \\ \hline \text { Men } & 127 & 110 & 217 & 222 & 676 \\ \hline \text { Total } & 250 & 325 & 306 & 528 & 1,409\\ \hline \end{array}


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From the given table, we need to find the program which is least preferred to watch because then only it can choose to cut that type of program.

As we need to find the total least percentage for watching a type of program which does not depend whether viewers are male or female as the revenue of the broadcaster will be only dependent on the number of viewers whether they are male or female does not matter.

So we need to just focus on the last row of the given table. We need to find the total least number of the viewer for the given types of programs. Out of 1409 customers surveyed the least frequently watched program are comedy programs.

In another way, we can say that the percentage of people watching Comedy programs (2501409×100=17.74%\dfrac{250}{1409}\times 100=17.74 \%) are less than the other programs. Hence, the company should try to decrease the number of comedy programs.

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