A triangular channel with side slopes having a ratio of 1:1.51: 1.5 carries 0.68ft3/s0.68 \mathrm{ft}^3 / \mathrm{s} of water and is made from clean, excavated earth. Use y=0.25fty=0.25 \mathrm{ft} in (d).

a. Compute the critical depth. b. Compute the minimum specific energy. c. Plot the specific energy curve. d. Determine the specific energy for the given depth and the alternate depth for this energy. e. Determine the velocity of flow and the Froude number for each depth in (d). f. Compute the required slopes of the channel if the depths from (d) are to be normal depths for the given flow rate.


Answered 1 year ago
Answered 1 year ago
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Using the formula for the Froude number, specific energy, and Manning's equation to solve the task related to the triangular channel.

We are given the following:

z=1:1.5z = 1:1.5 Q=0.68  ft3sQ = 0.68 \; \frac{\text{ft}^3}{\text{s}} y(d)=0.25 fty (d)=0.25 \text{ ft}

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