Acrosonic of the earlier example also manufactures a model G loudspeaker system in plants I and II. The output at Plant I is at most 800 systems/month whereas the output at Plant II is at most 600/month600 / \mathrm{month}. These loudspeaker systems are also shipped to three warehouses- A,BA, B, and CC-whose minimum monthly requirements are 500,400 , and 400 , respectively. Shipping costs from Plant I to Warehouse AA, Warehouse BB, and Warehouse CC are $16,$20\$ 16, \$ 20, and $22\$ 22 per system, respectively, and shipping costs from Plant II to each of these warehouses are $18,$16\$ 18, \$ 16, and $14\$ 14 per system, respectively. What shipping schedule will enable Acrosonic to meet the warehouses' requirements and at the same time keep its shipping costs to a minimum?


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Use the sketch below to define the nonnegative variables representing the number of units shipped from (Plant I or II) to (Warehouse A,B, or C)

The object is to minimize the cost of shipping, which is, according to the text,


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