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Use Dell's recommendation feature to select a laptop computer (hint: visit Dell website, select "small and medium business," then click on "laptop"). What decision rule or combination of rules does this decision aid reflect? What type of consumer would be most likely to utilize this adviser function?

Elite Service Company is a very profitable small business. It has not, however, given much consideration to internal control. For example, in an attempt to keep clerical and office expenses to a minimum, the company has combined the jobs of cashier and bookkeeper. As a result, Steve Evans handles all cash receipts, keeps the accounting records, and prepares the monthly bank reconciliations.

The balance per the bank statement on March 31, 2014, was $5,931.51. Outstanding checks were: No. 206 for$358.53, No. 441 for $292, No. 590 for$283.00, No. 781 for $286.00, No. 782 for$319.47, and No. 783 for $303.14. Included with the statement was a credit memorandum of$175 indicating the collection of a note receivable for Elite Service Company by the bank on March 21. This memorandum has not been recorded by Elite Service.

The company’s ledger showed one cash account with a balance of $6,889.53. The balance included undeposited cash on hand. Because of the lack of internal controls, Steve took for personal use all of the undeposited receipts in excess of$1,591.63. He then prepared the following bank reconciliation in an effort to conceal his theft of cash.

Cash balance per books, March 31$6,889.53Add: Outstanding checksNo. 781$286.00No. 782319.47No. 783303.14808.617,698.14Less: Undeposited receipts1,591.63Unadjusted balance per bank, March 316,106.51Less: Bank credit memorandum175.00Cash balance per bank statement, March 31$5,931.51 \begin{array}{lrr} \text{Cash balance per books, March 31}&&\text{\$\hspace{1pt}6,889.53}\\ \text{Add: Outstanding checks}\\ \qquad\text{No. 781}&\text{\$\hspace{1pt}286.00}\\ \qquad\text{No. 782}&\text{319.47}\\ \qquad\text{No. 783}&\underline{\text{\hspace{5pt}303.14}}&\underline{\text{\hspace{16pt}808.61}}\\ &&\text{7,698.14}\\ \text{Less: Undeposited receipts}&&\underline{\text{\hspace{8pt}1,591.63}}\\ \text{Unadjusted balance per bank, March 31}&&\text{6,106.51}\\ \text{Less: Bank credit memorandum}&&\underline{\text{\hspace{16pt}175.00}}\\ \text{Cash balance per bank statement, March 31}&&\underline{\underline{\text{\$\hspace{1pt}5,931.51 }}}\\ \end{array}


(b) Indicate the three ways that Steve attempted to conceal the theft and the dollar amount involved in each method.


After a great deal of experimentation, two Atlantic Institute of Technology senior physics majors determined that when a bottle of French champagne is shaken several times, held upright, and uncorked, its cork travels according to

s(t)=16t2+40t+3,s(t)=-16 t^2+40 t+3,

where s is its height (in feet) above the ground t seconds after being released. (a) How high will it go? (b) How long is it in the air?


Step 1
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s(t)=16t2+40t+3t0\begin{align*} s(t)&=-16t^2+40t+3 \\t&\geq 0 \end{align*}

(a) Critical numbers\textbf{Critical numbers}

Determine the derivative of the given function using ddxxn=nxn1\frac{d}{dx}x^n=nx^{n-1}:

s(t)=16(2t)+40=32t+40\begin{align*} s'(t)&=-16(2t)+40=-32t+40 \end{align*}

Determine the roots of the derivative:

s(t)=032t+40=0Substitute32t=40Subtract 40 from each sidet=4032Divide each side by 32t=54=1.25Evaluate\begin{align*} s'(t)&=0 \\ -32t+40&=0 &\color{#4257b2}\text{Substitute} \\ -32t&=-40 &\color{#4257b2}\text{Subtract 40 from each side} \\ t&=\frac{40}{32} &\color{#4257b2}\text{Divide each side by $-32$} \\ t&=\frac{5}{4}=1.25 &\color{#4257b2}\text{Evaluate} \end{align*}

Next, the critical numbers are all values in the domain of the function for which the derivative is 0 or the derivative doesn't exist.

Critical numbers: t=54=1.25\begin{align*} \text{Critical numbers: }t=\frac{5}{4}=1.25 \end{align*}

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