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An engineer collects the following data showing the speed s of a Toyota Camry and its average miles per gallon, M.

Speed, sMiles per Gallon, M30183520402340254525502855306029652665257025\begin{matrix} \text{Speed, s} & \text{Miles per Gallon, M}\\ \hline \text{30} & \text{18}\\ \text{35} & \text{20}\\ \text{40} & \text{23}\\ \text{40} & \text{25}\\ \text{45} & \text{25}\\ \text{50} & \text{28}\\ \text{55} & \text{30}\\ \text{60} & \text{29}\\ \text{65} & \text{26}\\ \text{65} & \text{25}\\ \text{70} & \text{25}\\ \end{matrix}

Using a graphing utility, draw a scatter diagram of the data treating speed as the independent variable. What type of relation appears to exist between speed and miles per gallon?


Answered 2 years ago
Answered 2 years ago
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