As a general guideline, the research hypothesis should be stated as the

AA null hypothesis
BB alternative hypothesis
CC tentative assumption
DD hypothesis the researcher wants to disprove


Answered 6 months ago
Answered 6 months ago
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The research hypothesis is a statement that is tested in research. The research hypothesis is represented as the alternative hypothesis in hypothesis testing. The alternative hypothesis states that a certain population parameter is not equal, less, or greater than the given value. We denote the alternative hypothesis, as follows

Ha:parametergiven value,or Ha:parameter<given value,or Ha:parameter>given value.\begin{aligned} H_a &: \text{parameter} \not= \text{given value}, \text{or }\\ H_a &: \text{parameter} < \text{given value}, \text{or }\\ H_a &: \text{parameter} > \text{given value}. \end{aligned}

Therefore the correct answer is BB

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