Assuming that each motorcycle continues to travel toward the finish line at the given constant velocity above, which event will occur first? A. Cycle A passes Cycle B. C. Cycle B crosses the finish line. B. Cycle B passes Cycle C. D. Cycle D crosses the finish line.


Answered 1 year ago
Answered 1 year ago
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To solve this problem we are given the velocities of each motorcycle and the distance to the finish line. We are asked to check described events and determine which one will happen first. Velocities are vA=35 m sv_A=35\dfrac{\text{ m}}{\text{ s}}, vB=30 m sv_B=30\dfrac{\text{ m}}{\text{ s}}, vC=15 m sv_C=15\dfrac{\text{ m}}{\text{ s}} and vD=10 m sv_D=10\dfrac{\text{ m}}{\text{ s}}.

We have to calculate the time needed for each event to realize and compare it in the end.

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