On October 1, 2017, Santana Rey launched a computer services company called Business Solutions, which provides consulting services, computer system installations, and custom program development. Rey adopts the calendar year for reporting purposes and expects to prepare the company’s first set of financial statements on December 31, 2017. The company’s initial chart of accounts follows.

AccountNo.AccountNo.Cash101Common Stock307Accounts Receivable106Dividends319Computer Supplies126Computer Services Revenue403Prepaid Insurance128Wages Expense623Prepaid Rent131Advertising Expense655Office Equipment163Mileage Expense676Computer Equipment167Miscellaneous Expenses677Accounts Payable201Repairs Expense—Computer684\begin{matrix} \text{Account} & \text{No.} & \text{Account} & \text{No.}\\ \text{Cash} \ldots\ldots\ldots & \text{101} & \text{Common Stock} \ldots\ldots\ldots & \text{307}\\ \text{Accounts Receivable} \ldots\ldots\ldots & \text{106} & \text{Dividends} \ldots\ldots\ldots & \text{319}\\ \text{Computer Supplies} \ldots\ldots\ldots & \text{126} & \text{Computer Services Revenue} \ldots\ldots\ldots & \text{403}\\ \text{Prepaid Insurance} \ldots\ldots\ldots & \text{128} & \text{Wages Expense} \ldots\ldots\ldots & \text{623}\\ \text{Prepaid Rent} \ldots\ldots\ldots & \text{131} & \text{Advertising Expense} \ldots\ldots\ldots & \text{655}\\ \text{Office Equipment} \ldots\ldots\ldots & \text{163} & \text{Mileage Expense} \ldots\ldots\ldots & \text{676}\\ \text{Computer Equipment} \ldots\ldots\ldots & \text{167} & \text{Miscellaneous Expenses} \ldots\ldots\ldots & \text{677}\\ \text{Accounts Payable} \ldots\ldots\ldots & \text{201} & \text{Repairs Expense—Computer} \ldots\ldots\ldots & \text{684}\\ \end{matrix}

  1. Prepare journal entries to record each of the following transactions for Business Solutions.

Oct. 1 S. Rey invested $45,000 cash, a $20,000 computer system, and $8,000 of office equipment in the company in exchange for its common stock.2The company paid $3,300 cash for four months’ rent.3The company purchased $1,420 of computer supplies on credit from Harris Office Products5The company paid $2,220 cash for one year’s premium on a property and liability insurance policy.6The company billed Easy Leasing $4,800 for services performed in installing a new web server.8The company paid $1,420 cash for the computer supplies purchased from Harris Office Products on October 3.10The company hired Lyn Addie as a part-time assistant for $125 per day, as needed.12The company billed Easy Leasing another $1,400 for services performed15The company received $4,800 cash from Easy Leasing as partial payment on its account.17The company paid $805 cash to repair computer equipment that was damaged when moving it20The company paid $1,728 cash for advertisements published in the local newspaper.22The company received $1,400 cash from Easy Leasing on its account.28The company billed IFM Company $5,208 for services performed.31The company paid $875 cash for Lyn Addie’s wages for seven days’ work.31The company paid $3,600 cash in dividends.Nov. 1The company reimbursed S. Rey in cash for business automobile mileage allowance (Rey logged 1,000 miles at $0.32 per mile).2The company received $4,633 cash from Liu Corporation for computer services performed.5The company purchased computer supplies for $1,125 cash from Harris Office Products.8The company billed Gomez Co. $5,668 for services performed.13The company received notification from Alex’s Engineering Co. that Business Solutions’s bid of $3,950 for an upcoming project was accepted.18The company received $2,208 cash from IFM Company as partial payment of the October 28 bill.22The company donated $250 cash to the United Way in the company’s name.24The company completed work and sent a bill for $3,950 to Alex’s Engineering Co.25The company sent another bill to IFM Company for the past-due amount of $3,000.28The company reimbursed S. Rey in cash for business automobile mileage (1,200 miles at $0.32 per mile).30The company paid $1,750 cash for Lyn Addie’s wages for 14 days’ work.30The company paid $2,000 cash in dividends.\begin{matrix} \text{Oct. 1 } & \text{S. Rey invested \$45,000 cash, a \$20,000 computer system, and \$8,000 of office equipment in the company in exchange for its common stock.}\\ \text{2} & \text{The company paid \$3,300 cash for four months’ rent.}\\ \text{3} & \text{The company purchased \$1,420 of computer supplies on credit from Harris Office Products}\\ \text{5} & \text{The company paid \$2,220 cash for one year’s premium on a property and liability insurance policy.}\\ \text{6} & \text{The company billed Easy Leasing \$4,800 for services performed in installing a new web server.}\\ \text{8} & \text{The company paid \$1,420 cash for the computer supplies purchased from Harris Office Products on October 3.}\\ \text{10} & \text{The company hired Lyn Addie as a part-time assistant for \$125 per day, as needed.}\\ \text{12} & \text{The company billed Easy Leasing another \$1,400 for services performed}\\ \text{15} & \text{The company received \$4,800 cash from Easy Leasing as partial payment on its account.}\\ \text{17} & \text{The company paid \$805 cash to repair computer equipment that was damaged when moving it}\\ \text{20} & \text{The company paid \$1,728 cash for advertisements published in the local newspaper.}\\ \text{22} & \text{The company received \$1,400 cash from Easy Leasing on its account.}\\ \text{28} & \text{The company billed IFM Company \$5,208 for services performed.}\\ \text{31} & \text{The company paid \$875 cash for Lyn Addie’s wages for seven days’ work.}\\ \text{31} & \text{The company paid \$3,600 cash in dividends.}\\ \text{Nov. 1} & \text{The company reimbursed S. Rey in cash for business automobile mileage allowance (Rey logged 1,000 miles at \$0.32 per mile).}\\ \text{2} & \text{The company received \$4,633 cash from Liu Corporation for computer services performed.}\\ \text{5} & \text{The company purchased computer supplies for \$1,125 cash from Harris Office Products.}\\ \text{8} & \text{The company billed Gomez Co. \$5,668 for services performed.}\\ \text{13} & \text{The company received notification from Alex’s Engineering Co. that Business Solutions’s bid of \$3,950 for an upcoming project was accepted.}\\ \text{18} & \text{The company received \$2,208 cash from IFM Company as partial payment of the October 28 bill.}\\ \text{22} & \text{The company donated \$250 cash to the United Way in the company’s name.}\\ \text{24} & \text{The company completed work and sent a bill for \$3,950 to Alex’s Engineering Co.}\\ \text{25} & \text{The company sent another bill to IFM Company for the past-due amount of \$3,000.}\\ \text{28} & \text{The company reimbursed S. Rey in cash for business automobile mileage (1,200 miles at \$0.32 per mile).}\\ \text{30} & \text{The company paid \$1,750 cash for Lyn Addie’s wages for 14 days’ work.}\\ \text{30} & \text{The company paid \$2,000 cash in dividends.}\\ \end{matrix}

  1. Open ledger accounts (in balance column format) and post the journal entries from part 1 to them. 3. Prepare a trial balance as of the end of November.



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