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 Problem Solving You are a healthcare worker in a clinic in the tropics. More people than usual have recently come into the clinic suffering from malaria.\textbf{ Problem Solving}\text{\ You are a healthcare worker in a clinic in the tropics. More people than usual have recently come into the clinic suffering from malaria.}

  a. What are some questions you could ask your patients to try to track the source of this outbreak of malaria?\textbf{\ \ a.}\text{ What are some questions you could ask your patients to try to track the source of this outbreak of malaria?}

  b. What suggestions can you make to help reduce the occurrence of malaria in this area?\textbf{\ \ b.}\text{ What suggestions can you make to help reduce the occurrence of malaria in this area?}


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a. These are only some of the questions necessary to be asked as apicomplexans like Plasmodium falciparum breed in stagnant waters especially during rainy periods.

  • Were there a lot of mosquitoes in the area you went to?
  • Were there many small pools or collections of water unattended in your place?
  • During the rainy season, were there containers where the water became stagnant?

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