Consider a right rectangular prism:

a. Edge AF is perpendicular to (makes right angles with) which of these? (The bar notation is common for line segments.)

edge FE, or FE\overline{F E} \quad edge AD, or AD\overline{A D} \quad edge AB, or AB\overline{A B}

segment AG, or AG\overline{A G} \quad segment BF, or BF\overline{B F} \quad segment FH, or FH\overline{F H}

b. Name the endpoints of three edges that are parallel to edge AD.


Answered 1 year ago
Answered 1 year ago
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a. Edge AFAF is parallel to 66 other edges. On the top side:

  • AB\overline{AB}
  • AC\overline{AC}
  • AD\overline{AD}

On the bottom side:

  • FE\overline{FE}
  • FG\overline{FG}
  • FH\overline{FH}

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