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Consider the growth of the following virus. A new virus has been created and is distributed to 100 computers in a company via a corporate E-mail. From these workstations the virus continues to spread. Let t=0 be the time of the first 100 infections, and at t=17 minutes the population of infected computers grows to 200. Assume the anti-virus companies are not able to identify the virus or slow its progress for 24 hours, allowing the virus to grow exponentially.

What will the population be after 1 hour 30 minutes?


Answered 1 year ago
Answered 1 year ago
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Let tt be the time in minutes. From the conditions of the task we know the following data:

N(0)=N0=100N(17)=200N(90)=?(t is time in minutes, so 1 hours 30 minutes=90 minutes)\begin{aligned} N(0)=N_0&=100\\ N(17)&=200\\ \hline N(90)&=? & ({\footnotesize{\textup{$t$ is time in minutes, so $1$ hours $30$ minutes$=90$ minutes}}}) \end{aligned}

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