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Construct the constraints and graph the feasible regions for the following situations. See the earlier example.

A plane carrying relief food and water can carry a maximum of 50,000 pounds, and is limited in space to carrying no more than 6000 cubic feet. Each container of water weighs 60 pounds and takes up 1 cubic foot, and each container of food weighs 50 pounds and takes up 10 cubic feet. What is the region of constraint for the number of containers of food and water that the plane can carry?


Answered 2 years ago
Answered 2 years ago
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Maximum weight the plane can carry: 50000 lbs.Maximum volume the plane can carry: 6000 cu. ft.\begin{aligned} \text{Maximum weight the plane can carry: }& 50000 \text{ lbs.}\\ \text{Maximum volume the plane can carry: }& 6000 \text{ cu. ft.} \end{aligned}

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