(Data Processing) a. Create a text file containing the following data (without theheadings): b. Write a C++ program that reads the data file created in Exercise 7a and computes and displays a payroll schedule. The output should list the Social Security number, name, and gross pay for each person, calculating gross pay as Hourly Rate ×\times Hours Worked.

Name Social Security Number Hourly Rate Hours Worked
B Caldwell 555-88-2222 7.32 37
D Memcheck 555-77-4444 8.32 40
R Potter 555-77-6666 6.54 40
W Rosen 555-99-8888 9.80 35


Answered 1 month ago
Answered 1 month ago
Step 1
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a. We’ll create a text file, enter the data and name it "data.txt".

We’ll try to open the file at the beginning of the program and check if it has opened successfully.
If it has, we’ll declare variables for first name, surname, social security number, hourly rate and hours worked.
Using the while loop, we’ll read line by line and store values in variables, respectively. After reading the data, we’ll calculate the gross_pay and display all the data using the cout.

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