Determine the y-intercept and the end behavior of the following functions. y=5x12+43x814x5+12x2+8xy=5 x^{12}+43 x^{8}-14 x^{5}+12 x^{2}+8 x


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f(x)=5x12+43x814x5+12x2+8x\begin{equation*} f(x)= 5x^{12}+43x^8-14x^5+12x^2+8x \end{equation*}

For y-intercept; equate x with 0.

f(0)=5(0)12+43(0)814(0)5+12(0)2+8(0)\begin{equation*} f(0)= 5(0)^{12}+43(0)^8-14(0)^5+12(0)^2+8(0) \end{equation*}

f(0)=0\begin{equation*} f(0)= 0 \end{equation*}

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