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Evaluate each expression if p=4,q=8p=-4, q=8, and r=10r=-10. See the mentioned example.

(p+2)23r2q\dfrac{-(p+2)^2-3 r}{2-q}


Answered 2 years ago
Answered 2 years ago
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Given that p=4p=-4, q=8q=8, and r=10r=-10, we can evaluate the expression (p+2)23r2q-\frac{-(p+2)^2-3r}{2-q} as follows:

(p+2)23r2q=(4+2)23(10)28Substitute p=4q=8, and r=10=(2)23(10)28Add terms inside parentheses=(4)3(10)28Evaluate the exponential=4+3028Simplify=266Add/Subtract=133Simplify\begin{aligned} \frac{-(p+2)^2-3r}{2-q}&=\frac{-(-4+2)^2-3(-10)}{2-8} &&\text{Substitute $p= - 4$, $q= 8$, and $r= -10$}\\ &=\frac{-(-2)^2-3(-10)}{2-8} &&\text{Add terms inside parentheses}\\ &=\frac{-(4)-3(-10)}{2-8} &&\text{Evaluate the exponential}\\ &=\frac{-4+30}{2-8} &&\text{Simplify}\\ &=\frac{26}{-6} &&\text{Add/Subtract}\\ &=-\frac{13}{3} &&\text{Simplify}\\ \end{aligned}

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