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Apple has announced plans to open more of its own branded stores in the USA and China as it continues to develop this distribution channel. Just a few years ago, the Silicon Valley company, famous for the first popular personal computer in the 19701970s and more recently the iPad Air, always relied on other retailers and its website to sell its ever-growing range of products. The new retail stores are likely to be well received by consumers if recent reports from London and New York are any guide. They will be supported by a varied promotional mix including extensive use of social media.

Some business analysts believe that Apple runs a real risk of coming into conflict with its existing retail partners - including the US chain CompUSA. 'Why should other retail stores bother to sell and promote Apple products if the company is going to compete directly with them on the high street?' said one investment specialist. There are also fears that Apple could fall into the same trap as Gateway, another PC maker focused on the consumer market. Gateway had to close about 40%40 \% of its North American stores, saying it had over-extended itself at a time of slowing sales of PCs. Apple is investing heavily in property and there is always the risk of stock build-up at a time of slower world economic growth. Apple plans to open its two new stores in high-profile shopping centres near Las Vegas in the USA and in the Chaoyang district of China. Apart from selling the usual Apple products - computers, iPads, Apple TV and the like - the main draw in the shops will be the Genius Bar - a counter where shoppers will find several highly trained Mac Geniuses ready to advise on any technical questions. There will be a hands-on Apple Retail Store Experience giving consumers the chance to test-drive Apple's entire product mix. The stores will also run a series of daily creative workshops to teach customers how to make the most of the programs available.

Evaluate the importance of distribution as part of Apple’s overall marketing strategy.

Dunkin' Donuts, a US-based coffee and baked-goods franchise, has opened its 5050th United Arab Emirates (UAE) store. Continental Foods is the UAE-based business that owns the master franchise for Dunkin' Donuts in this country. Michael Cortelletti, Dunkin' Donuts' International Director for the Middle East, said, 'UAE is an important growth market for the brand and has seen groundbreaking innovation, such as the opening of the first drive-through.'

Cartridge World, the ink-cartridge-filling business, founded in South Australia in 19881988, is set to continue its Asian expansion. It already has franchised outlets through AFL Pvt. Ltd, the leading logistics, cargo and courier company. This company is the master franchisee for Cartridge World in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Maldives. Without the rapid growth offered by franchising and the local market expertise offered by local franchisees, the business would not have been able to grow to over 15001500 branches in 3636 countries so rapidly.

Yogen Früz, a Canada-based frozen yoghurt chain, has signed franchise deals for Argentina and Peru with Fruzco Chile SA. This company already owns and operates Yogen Früz franchises in Chile. Argentina has one of the fastest-growing economies in South America and has a high GDP per head. The president of Yogen Früz said, 'We needed a locally based company with experience of the region to introduce our brands in these other countries.' Yogen Früz does not have to pay the high capital costs of setting up its own subsidiaries in these other countries.

Assess the opportunities and threats to Yogen Früz, Dunkin’ Donuts and Cartridge World of entering international markets.


Explain one reason why a human resources manager would find a sales forecast useful.


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This task asks to explain one benefit of knowing future sales for the human resources manager.

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