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For a concert, a circular stage is constructed and placed in the center so fans can completely surround the musicians. To record the sound of the crowd, two directional microphones are placed next to each other on the stage, one facing due east and the other facing due west. The patterns of the microphones can be represented by the polar equations r=2.5+2.5cosθr=2.5+2.5 \cos \theta and r=2.52.5cosθ.r=-2.5-2.5 \cos \theta. Identify the type of curve given by each polar equation.


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Note that the given polar equations are in the form r=a+bcos(θ)r=a+b\cos(\theta) which creates limacon. More specifically, since a=ba=b, these polar equations create cardioids\boxed{\color{#4257b2}\text{cardioids}}.

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