For each definition below, choose the key term that best matches the definition. a. all public forms of communication, such as TV, radio, newspaper, the Internet, and advertisements b. something that you can use to help achieve a goal c. to work together with one or more people d. a strategy to avoid doing something you don’t want to do e. a person who buys products or services f. a feeling that you should do something because your friends want you to g. dealing with problems and troubles in an effective way h. a result of your actions and decisions i. a tool for building a healthy life. action plan, collaborate, consequence, consumer, coping, direct pressure, goal, indirect pressure, life skill, media, peer pressure, refusal skills, resource.



a\textbf{a}- Media

b\textbf{b}- Action plan

c\textbf{c}- Collaborate

d\textbf{d}- Refusal skills

e\textbf{e}- consumer

f\textbf{f}- Peer pressure

g\textbf{g}- Coping

h\textbf{h}- Consequence

i\textbf{i}- Life skill

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