From the list below, supply the words needed to complete the paragraph. Some words will not be used.

 debacle  hedonism  berfunctory  demeanor  obloquy  quasi-  sadistic  imperative \begin{array}{llll}\begin{array}{lll}\text { debacle } & \text { hedonism } \\ \text { berfunctory }\end{array} & & \begin{array}{l}\text { demeanor } \\ \text { obloquy }\end{array} & \begin{array}{l}\text { quasi- } \\ \text { sadistic }\end{array} \\ \text { imperative } & & \end{array}

Advances in technology may have increased our life spans, but they also turned us into a civilization of .... in which people are slaves to entertainment and self-satisfaction. We no longer question ..... the parenting techniques that produce children with such pathetic ..... that they prefer sitting in living rooms and playing ..... shoot'em-up video games to going outside and experiencing the most beautiful days of the summer. It is ..... that we nurture and guide the latest generation to appreciate and embrace the beauty of the natural-the real-world. The misconception of children that success in their digital kingdoms is comparable to real, character-inspired success is one of the great .... of the twenty-first century. Someday, the appropriate .... will be assigned to parents who allow their own children to become ....... zombies whose best talent is playing internet role- playing-games for six hours a night—every night.


Answered 1 year ago
Answered 1 year ago
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Firstly, let's consider what the words available mean:

  1. debacle: a total failure
  2. hedonism: pursuit of pleasure
  3. demeanor: behavior
  4. quasi: resembling
  5. perfunctory: done without care
  6. besmirch: to make unclean
  7. obloquy: a bad reputation resulting from public criticism
  8. sadistic: taking pleasure in causing other people pain
  9. imperative: extremely important

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