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Handy Hardware Corporation's unadjusted trial balance and accounting forms are given in the Working Papers.


  1. Using the following information, journalize the adjusting entries for the current year ended December 31.

Adjustment Information, December 31

Estimated uncollectible accounts based on aging accounts receivable         $ 13,832.96 
Accrued interest income                                                          630.00 
Merchandise inventory                                                        162,569.00
Supplies inventory                                                             3,695.00
Value of prepaid insurance                                                     8,360.00
Annual depreciation expense equipment                                         13,034.00 
Accrued interest expense                                                         600.00 
Prepaid rent income earned                                                     4,000.00


Answered 10 months ago
Answered 10 months ago
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For this problem, we will prepare a statement of cash flows.

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