How to reconcile sales tax payable in QuickBooks?


Answered 8 months ago
Answered 8 months ago

Let’s begin by defining the key terms:


This term refers to an application program that assists businesses in monitoring accounts, spending, payroll, and earnings coming in and going out of the organization.

Sales tax payable

This term refers to a liability made by the entity from selling particular items to its customers.

To answer the question, in order to reconcile the sales tax payable, the following steps must be followed.

  1. Find the Reports menu

  2. Look for Vendors and Payables

  3. Select the Sales Tax Liability Tab

  4. Remove the “From Date”

  5. Check if the “To Date” coincides with the date in Show sales tax due in the box under the window of the pay sales tax.

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Create an account to view solutions

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