If all the ice on West Antarctica was melted, how much would it cause global sea level to rise? If you do not remember the approximate size of this rise, the volume of ice is 3,000,000 km33,000,000 \mathrm{~km} 3 and the surface area of the world's ocean is 361,000,000 km2361,000,000 \mathrm{~km} 2.

A. less than 1 centimeter

B. 1 to 10 centimeters

C. 10 centimeters to 1 meter

D. 1 meter to 10 meters

E. more than 100 meters


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3.000.000 km3 (volume of all the ice) * 0,90 (to convert the ice to water) : 361.000.000 km2 = 0,0075km (rise in sea level)

0,0075 km are 7,5m

Sea level would rise 7,5 meters.

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