If an underlined word or phrase contains an error, write the correct word or phrase. If there is no error, write Correct.

There isn’t no other\underline{\text{{isn't no other}}} animal as mysterious as the cat. In the countries formerly known as Burma and Siam, cats were held in the most highest\underline{\text{{most highest}}} regard. Those kind of feelings\underline{\text{{Those kind of feelings}}} were probably based on ancient beliefs about the animal's magical powers. Temple cats, in particular, were cared for really good\underline{\text{good}}. People treated them better than any cat\underline{\text{any cat}}. Them cats\underline{\text{Them cats}} were the guardians of the people who had died. Some were even more holier\underline{\text{more holier}} because they were buried alive in the tombs of royalty. Of course, their biggest\underline{\text{biggest}} challenge was to escape through holes in the tombs.