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Match the floral part with its description.

Floral PartDescriptionpetalsA. Stalk with a stigma at the top B. Structures that produce male gametophytes C. Structure that contains one or more ovules D. Outermost circle of green floral parts E. Long, thin structure that supports an anther F. Floral parts that produce female gametophytes G. Yellowish dust that contains male gametophytes H. Male structure with an anther and a filament I. Brightly colored parts just inside the sepals J. Sticky, top portion of style\begin{matrix} \text{Floral Part} & \text{Description}\\ \text{petals} & \text{A. Stalk with a stigma at the top}\\ \text{ } & \text{B. Structures that produce male gametophytes}\\ \text{ } & \text{C. Structure that contains one or more ovules}\\ \text{ } & \text{D. Outermost circle of green floral parts}\\ \text{ } & \text{E. Long, thin structure that supports an anther}\\ \text{ } & \text{F. Floral parts that produce female gametophytes}\\ \text{ } & \text{G. Yellowish dust that contains male gametophytes}\\ \text{ } & \text{H. Male structure with an anther and a filament}\\ \text{ } & \text{I. Brightly colored parts just inside the sepals}\\ \text{ } & \text{J. Sticky, top portion of style}\\ \end{matrix}



f(x)=x22x+7,f ( x ) = x ^ { 2 } - 2 x + 7,

evaluate each of the following:

f(x).f ( - x ).


Answered 2 years ago
Answered 2 years ago
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To evaluate the given function as f(x)f(-x), we will substitute x=xx=-x in the given equation as following:

f(x)=(x)22(x)+7=x2+2x+7\begin{align*} f(-x)&=(-x)^2-2\cdot(-x)+7\\ &\boldsymbol{=x^2+2x+7} \end{align*}

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