In order to light an LED with a 12V supply, what resistor value is needed?


Answered 8 months ago
Answered 8 months ago
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The answer to this question can vary, dependent on the LED color or the number of LEDs, that we want to light. LEDs with different colors can have various forward voltages, there are tabular values of voltages.

So we can take the white LED, so the forward voltage is:

Vf=3.4 VV_f=3.4\text{ V}

Also, there are different LEDs that have different values of forward current. The forward current range between 10 mA10\text{ mA} and 20 mA20\text{ mA}.

So, we will take:

If=10 mAI_f=10\text{ mA}

Also, the result is dependent on the number of LEDs that we have to light.

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