Listed below are annual salaries (in thousands of dollars) for a simple random sample of NCAA Division 1-A head football coaches (based on data from the New York Times).

235159492530138125128900360212\begin{array}{llllllllll} 235 & 159 & 492 & 530 & 138 & 125 & 128 & 900 & 360 & 212 \end{array}

d. Find the variance s2s^2 and express the result in appropriate units.


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The mean is the sum of all values divided by the number of values:


The variance is the sum of squared deviations from the mean divided by n1n-1:

s2=(235327.9)2+...+(212327.9)210162,653.6s^2=\dfrac{(235-327.9)^2+...+(212-327.9)^2}{10-1}\approx 62,653.6

The data values are all given in thousands of dollars:

62,653.6( thousands of dollars)2=62,653,600,000 dollars262,653.6(\text{ thousands of dollars})^2=62,653,600,000 \text{ dollars}^2

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