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Match each polynomial in Column I with its factored form in Column II.

Column IColumn IIx225y2A. (x+5y)(x5y)B. (x+5y)2C. (x5y)2D. (5y+x)(5yx)\begin{array}{ll} \textbf{Column I} \qquad \quad & \textbf{Column II} \\ x^2-25 y^2 \quad & \text{A. } (x+5 y)(x-5 y) \\ &\text{B. } (x+5 y)^2 \\ &\text{C. } (x-5 y)^2\\ &\text{D. } (5 y+x)(5 y-x)\\ \end{array}


Answered 1 year ago
Answered 1 year ago
Step 1
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The expression we have is a difference of squares so let's use this equation as our basis for the next step.


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