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Match the skin structures in column B with their function listed in column A.
Column A\hspace{5cm} Column B
(1) protection from ultraviolet radiation \hspace{1cm}(a) dendritic cells
(2) insulation, energy storage\hspace{2.5cm}(b) dermal vascular plexuses
(3) waterproofing and prevention of water loss\hspace{0.5cm} (c) papillary layer of the dermis
(4) temperature regulation\hspace{3cm} (d) hypodermis
(5) initiation of an immune response to invading bacteria \hspace{0.4cm}(e) melanocytes
(6) excretion of water, urea, and salts\hspace{2cm}(f) stratum corneum
(7) help in bonding the epithelium to the dermis\hspace{2cm}(g) eccrine sweat glands
\hspace{7cm}(h) reticular layer of the dermis


Answered 2 years ago
Answered 2 years ago
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a)\textbf{a)} Dendritic cells in the skin are extremely efficient in warning the immune system of the presence of pathogens or different foreign substances. (5)\textbf{(5)}

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