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"Obama's foreign policy has, above all, been characterized by strategic restraint. ... He has been wary of grand declaration and military interventions.

"Obama came to office believing that the U.S. had overextended itself militarily. He believed that the cost of extravagant involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan had been the erosion of ties with allies and the worsening of rela­- tions with adversaries ....

"Such restraint is much harder to execute than it may appear. In a world without a serious military rival, the U.S. becomes the world's emergency call center ....

"The president whom Obama resembles most in this respect is an unlikely one: Dwight Eisenhower .... Eisenhower refused to support America's closest allies, the British and French, when they-with Israel-invaded Egypt. . . . He declined to send forces to help the French in Vietnam. . . . Eisenhower-the greatest military hero of World War II-could stay sane and resist calls for action."

-Fareed Zakaria, commentator andjoumalist,"Why Barack Is Like Ike," Time, December 31,201231, 2012

President Obama best resembled President Eisenhower in his preference for

(A) using nuclear brinkmanship to force opponents to yield

(B) relying on relatively small secret operations to carry out policies

(C ) challenging the military-industrial complex over spending

(D) giving the impression that he was not in charge by playing golf


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The resemblance between President Obama and Eisenhower is mostly related to both "pacifist" ideals. In their foreign policies, they have participated in military operations only when strictly necessary.

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