One of the events in the Scottish Highland Games is the sheaf toss, in which a 9.09kg9.09-\mathrm{kg} bag of hay is tossed straight up into the air using a pitchfork. During one throw, the sheaf is launched straight up with an initial speed of 2.70 m/s2.70 \mathrm{~m} / \mathrm{s}. b) Neglecting air resistance, what is the impulse exerted by gravity on the sheaf during its downward motion (from maximum height until it hits the ground)?


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Answered 1 year ago
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For this exercise, we are asked to solve for b.) the impulse acted by the gravity on the sheaf while it is moving downwards disregarding any air resistance experienced by the sheaf. We are initially given the mass of the sheaf m=9.09kgm = 9.09 \,\mathrm{kg} with an initial speed of vi=2.70msv_i = 2.70 \,\mathrm{\frac{m}{s}}

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