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Plot the equation using the following viewing windows:

(a) Xmin=5Xmax=5Xscl=1X \min =-5 \quad X \max =5 \quad X \mathrm{scl}=1 Ymin=4Ymax=4Yscl=1Y \min =-4 \quad Y \max =4 \quad Y \mathrm{scl}=1

(b) Xmin=10Xmax=10XX \min =-10 \quad X \max =10 \quad X scl =2=2 Ymin=8Ymax=8Yscl=2Y \min =-8 \quad Y \max =8 \quad Y \mathrm{scl}=2

-3 x+2 y=6


Answered 1 year ago
Answered 1 year ago
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(a) Create viewing window with the next properties:

Xmin=5Xmax=5Xscl=1Ymin=4Ymax=4Yscl=1\begin{aligned} X_{\text{min}}&=-5\\ X_{\text{max}}&=5\\ X_{\text{scl}}&=1\\ Y_{\text{min}}&=-4\\ Y_{\text{max}}&=4\\ Y_{\text{scl}}&=1 \end{aligned}

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