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Selected data for three companies are given below. All inventory amounts are ending balances and all amounts are in millions.

Company ACompany BCompany CCash$6Wages Expense$12Administrative Expenses$4Net Sales Revenue48Equipment32Cash25Finished Goods Inventory10Accounts Receivable8Net Sales Revenue75Cost of Goods Sold23Service Revenue65Selling Expenses8Selling Expenses4Cash34Merchandise Inventory12Equipment67Rent Expense12Equipment55Work-in-Process Inventory9Accounts Receivable19Accounts Receivable14Cost of Goods Sold25Cost of Goods Manufactured23Administrative Expenses7Raw Materials Inventory6\begin{array}{lr|lr|lr} \hline \hspace{50pt}\textbf{Company A}&&\hspace{50pt}\textbf{Company B}&&\hspace{50pt}\textbf{Company C}\\ \hline\\ \text{Cash}&\text{\$\hspace{10pt}6}&\text{Wages Expense}&\text{\$\hspace{5pt}12}&\text{Administrative Expenses}\hspace{20pt}&\text{\$\hspace{10pt}4}\\ \text{Net Sales Revenue}&\text{48}&\text{Equipment}&\text{32}&\text{Cash}&\text{25}\\ \text{Finished Goods Inventory}&\text{10}&\text{Accounts Receivable}\hspace{40pt}&\text{8}&\text{Net Sales Revenue}&\text{75}\\ \text{Cost of Goods Sold}&\text{23}&\text{Service Revenue}&\text{65}&\text{Selling Expenses}&\text{8}\\ \text{Selling Expenses}&\text{4}&\text{Cash}&\text{34}&\text{Merchandise Inventory}&\text{12}\\ \text{Equipment}&\text{67}&\text{Rent Expense}&\text{12}&\text{Equipment}&\text{55}\\ \text{Work-in-Process Inventory}\hspace{20pt}&\text{9}&&&\text{Accounts Receivable}&\text{19}\\ \text{Accounts Receivable}&\text{14}&&&\text{Cost of Goods Sold}&\text{25}\\ \text{Cost of Goods Manufactured}&\text{23}\\ \text{Administrative Expenses}&\text{7}\\ \text{Raw Materials Inventory}&\text{6}\\\\\hline \end{array}

Using the above data, determine the company type. Identify each company as a service company, merchandising company, or manufacturing company.


Presented with recordings of a pair of people of the same sex speaking the same phrase, can a listener determine which speaker is taller simply from the sound of their voice? Twenty four young adults at Washington University listened to 100 pairs of speakers, and within each pair were asked to indicate which of the two speakers was the taller. Here are the number correct (out of 100) for each of the 24 participants:

656167595862566761676353684966586970655668565870\begin{array}{llllllllllll} 65 & 61 & 67 & 59 & 58 & 62 & 56 & 67 & 61 & 67 & 63 & 53 \\ 68 & 49 & 66 & 58 & 69 & 70 & 65 & 56 & 68 & 56 & 58 & 70 \end{array}

Researchers believe that the key to correct discrimination is contained in a particular type of sound produced in the lower airways or the lungs, known as subglottal resonances, whose frequency is lower for taller people. Despite the masking of these resonances by other voice sounds, researchers wondered whether the information they contained could still be heard by listeners and used to identify the taller person.

(a) Make two stemplots, with and without splitting the stems. Which plot do you prefer and why?

(b) Describe the shape, center, and variability of the distribution. Are there any outliers?

(c) If the experimental subjects are just guessing which speaker is taller, they should correctly identify the taller person about 50% of the time. Does this data support the researchers, conjecture that there is information in a person's voice to help identify the taller person? Why or why not?


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a. Place the digits of the tens to the left of the vertical line and the digits of the ones of every data value to the right of the vertical line.

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