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For each numbered item, choose the letter of the best revision.

How much do you think an empty glass bottle(1)\overset{(1)}{\underline{\text{empty glass bottle}}} is worth or, better yet,(2)\overset{(2)}{\underline{\text{worth or, better yet,}}} how much would you be willing to pay for an empty bottle? The average person might say "Empty bottles have no value."(3)\overset{(3)}{\underline{\text{The average person might say "Empty bottles have no value."}}} However(4)\overset{(4)}{\underline{\text{However}}} to an antique-bottle collector, a bottle can be worth hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.

Richard Rushton-Clem of Lewisburg Pennsylvania(5)\overset{(5)}{\underline{\text{Lewisburg Pennsylvania}}} purchased an unusual pickle bottle(6)\overset{(6)}{\underline{\text{unusual pickle bottle}}} (more commonly known as a pickle jar) for $3\$3. Clem—a former(7)\overset{(7)}{\underline{\text{Clem—a former}}} antique-shop owner, had an idea that the bottle was worth more than $3\$ 3, but he never imagined it was worth thousands of dollars. He decided to sell it over the Internet to the highest bidder; the reserve price was set at $275\$275. An interested buyer:(8)\overset{(8)}{\underline{\text{An interested buyer:}}} confirmed that the bottle was a rare 11-inch amber Willington pickle bottle(9)\overset{(9)}{\underline{\text{11-inch amber Willington pickle bottle}}}. In the end, there were about 5757 bids. A Pennsylvania doctor purchased Mr. Clems(10)\overset{(10)}{\underline{\text{Mr. Clems}}} $3\$3 bottle for $44,100\$44,100.

A. Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

B. Lewisburg-Pennsylvania

C. Lewisburg, Pennsylvania,

D. Correct as is


Proofread the following draft for punctuation errors. Write the underlined passages, inserting or deleting hyphens, apostrophes, dashes, and parentheses where necessary. If an underlined passage is correct, write Correct.

For centuries, people believed that comets heavenly bodies that move in large elliptical orbits about the sun\underline{\text{heavenly bodies that move in large elliptical orbits about the sun}} were omens of catastrophe. Though the moon, the sun, and the stars were familiar, a comets characteristics\underline{\text{a comets characteristics}} were unknown. To some people, a comet's tail resembled a woman's unbound hair a traditional sign of mourning\underline{\text{a traditional sign of mourning}}. Others thought the tail resembled a sword an omen of death and war. Several historical documents point to massive chaos when a comet made it’s appearance\underline{\text{it's appearance}}.



its appearance

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