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Ramel Corporation's unadjusted trial balance and accounting forms are given in the Working Papers.


  1. Journalize the reversing entries using page 17 of a general journal.

Adjustment Information, December 31

Estimated uncollectible accounts based on aging accounts receivable         $ 11,020.00
Accrued interest income                                                          160.00
Merchandise inventory                                                        581,489.16 
Supplies inventory                                                               620.01
Value of prepaid insurance                                                     4,000.00
Annual depreciation expense-office equipment                                  10,960.00 
Annual depreciation expense-store equipment                                   10,120.00
Accrued interest expense                                                         625.00
Prepaid rent income earned                                                     6,000.00


Answered 10 months ago
Answered 10 months ago
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For this problem, we will suggest how to journalize reversing entries.

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