Read the following passage from The Republic by Plato. Then answer the questions.

"And so we may venture to assert that anyone who can produce the best blend of the physical and intellectual sides of education and apply them to the training of character is producing harmony in a far more important sense than any mere musician."

What would your school day be like if it were based on the statement you chose in question 33 above? Give specific examples.


Answered 1 year ago
Answered 1 year ago

If the goal of my education was to combine physical and intellectual training to help me build character, I would probably have equal amount of P.E. classes, as I have “normal” classes. I would also probably have subjects that would teach manners and philosophy, as those two things are perhaps the best for building character. I would also probably work much closer with my teachers, as they would have to be the ones to guide me in this way of education.

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