Right after Cindy buys a frozen yogurt cone, her friend Maria calls her, and they talk for so long that the frozen yogurt melts before Cindy can eat it. The cone has a slant height of 3.9in3.9 \mathrm{in}. and a diameter of 2.4in2.4 \mathrm{in}. If the frozen yogurt has the same volume before and after melting, and when melted just fills the cone, how much frozen yogurt did Cindy have before she talked to Maria, to the nearest tenth of a fluid ounce?

Find the volume of the cone in cubic inches.


Answered 1 year ago
Answered 1 year ago
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The volume VV of a cone with radius rr is one-third the area of the base BB times the height hh.

V=13Bh=13r2πhV=\dfrac{1}{3}Bh=\dfrac{1}{3}r^2\pi h

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